Chris’s Dudior Valentine’s Day Shoot

There’s no time like the Holidays to create a surprise gift for that special lady in your life (and show off your inner stud, too!)

Yes… Dudior (aka men’s fitness photography) is a thing! And yes, fellas … while your woman probably doesn’t want a dick pic, she does want a fantastic, sexy picture of you – her hero!

The Perfect Gift for Your Gal on Valentine’s Day

There’s lot’s of ways to do this but … Just imagine. This Valentine’s Day – instead of chocolates (that she’ll complain will make her fat) or flowers (that’ll die), your lady finds a box on her pillow…

She opens the box. Inside is her special Valentine’s Day gift – a viewmaster!

She slips the reel out of it’s cover and into the viewer. Holding the viewer up to the light, she sees her handsome man (you!).

Now, she can’t wait until the next time you’re together!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift EVER!!

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